Final Days of News21

So the days are winding down . . . videos being exported, writing being edited, codes being written and while I was nervous the whole summer that the work we did wouldn't be what we expected, today I think it is even better. It's a good start and I can say that everyone's work, I [...]

Moremoremore mortar boards

More personalized mortar boards . . . I love this stuff, here are some from commencement on Wednesday. These are all my fellow Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, it's been an amazing few years, amazing people and good memories.

Rhinestones, glitter, and messages

So these aren't great, but I love love love personalized stuff, like these facemask pics from Mexico City, so I figured I'd put some of the hat pics I grabbed while wandering around yesterday. And my personal favorite representing the worries of all of my fellow Cronkite school grads: