ASU Graduation

I got to shoot ASU graduation by tagging along with ASU marketing photographer Andy Delisle so I could shoot for fun. It was overwhelming with so many people, so much movement but fun to just wander and shoot for myself which I enjoyed. Oh and they release balloons, something about hundreds of giant balloons (as big [...]

Veterans Day Parade

Sometimes it's nice to head out and just shoot for myself and I remember shooting this parade seven years ago for the East Valley Tribune. Full of stress of getting names, taking newspaper appropriate photographs so it was enjoyable to just go out and shoot for myself. The image above was on my way out, [...]

Mementos Left Behind

On 9/11 I visited Tempe Town lake to see the flag memorial, one of the largest in the country, and I was struck by how many items were left behind at the base of many of the flags. According to one worker, only one flag belongs to a native Arizonan, but clearly there are many [...]

Playing in the Rain

Yesterday all of Phoenix, Ariz. was hit by record rain, more than the previous 1933 record. The state needs all the rain it can get, and it's refreshing to see the valley come to life following the massive water deluge. The city received more than 3 inches of rain, which is more characteristic of the [...]

Cactus League Spring Training

  I had a great opportunity to go out and shoot spring training at a variety of stadiums around the Phoenix Valley area for a freelance assignment. I loved the fans, and during some down time I was able to shoot some portraits from the different stadiums. It's Arizona sunlight, but I still enjoyed shooting [...]


What I've enjoyed most since returning home is being able to spend time with my family. They've always been a constant point in my wanderings. Now there is Camille, my niece, whom I'm getting to know and she was an infant when I left to Africa for three years. I'm trying to document her as [...]