This past weekend I went to Casa de Elizabeth along with my sister Laura to say hi to some of the children. I visited them for three days before leaving for Sudan in December of 2009 and after only a year the kids seem to have grown so much. Some of them I’ve been seeing since July of 2006 . . .

Natan, in the center, was an infant in 2006 and now he talks and plays and rides bikes . . . Diana, who is holding him in her lap, is in the photo below shot in 2008:

And when we all drew together Natan made this:

This guy and I drew a ship in a storm . . . sharks were my idea, pirates his:

Here is Jesus around 2008 and the second photo shot nearly two years later:

And here were the other drawings from the day . . . :

I love visiting Imuris and the kids at Casa de Elizabeth and I only hope that I get the opportunity to see them again soon. Below is my sister helping paint a balloon face and a couple of random images of the kid and two notes give to me from 2007:

RFK memorial award

I am proud to say that my in-depth journalism course that worked on the Divided Families project at Arizona State University has won the college print journalism RFK Memorial award!.

1-largeCourtney Sargent

I am posting two soundslides done on two different stories, the first is of Courtney Sargent’s A Generation Abandoned about seniors abandoned in DIF homes in Agua Prieta, Sonora and Douglas, Arizona border.

siblingsDeanna Dent

Ryan Kost and I worked on a story about three American children abandoned in Mexico who had spent nearly two years in a Mexican orphanage even though they had their American birth certificates on file, you can see that project, Los Ninos Mejia as well.

Also here are all the students I had the pleasure of working with:
Adrian Barrera
Leah Duran
Branden Eastwood
Kristi Eaton
Brian Indrelunas
Ryan Kost
Jordan LaPier
Angela Hong-Anh-Le
Ashley Lowery
Ryan Ruiz
Codie Sanchez
Courtney Sargent
Amanda Soares
Michael Struening
Teana Wagner
Aja Viafora

I’ve been going to the orphanage for a little over two years now, here are a couple of older posts . . . although I have many more that I didn’t properly tag in the past.