Where is the future of journalism then?

Amy Webb with the Webb Media Group spoke to us about different technologies that have strong possibilities in the near future. I can’t cover them all here but I’ll talk about the ones that interested me the most. For example these new iphones So these new phones, the iphone, blackberry, and the new and less expensive Palm Pre are all equipped with GPS tracking…


Lots of Balloons! Homecoming parade preparation . . . I wonder what they did before balloons and streamers?

Softball ladies

The badass ladies of Sundevil softball . . Rhiannon Baca, Katie Burkhart, and Mindy Cowles

Basketball, lost, but not without a good fight

Happy crazy fan 🙂Sad fan 😦Fans watch as Washington goes for a shot, need to redo this one with a three hundredHarden is a badass, too bad the other five photogs sitting with me got this 😦Here Harden claimed he was fouled, although it looks like he wasnt, he just missed the shot (this is it)