Tomorrow: Commencement!


So tomorrow is graduation . . . today was our rehearsal at Sun Devil Stadium in my hometown of Tempe, Ariz. And as if this weren’t cool enough, I was fortunate enough to receive an award which will put me in the seat pictured below about four seats from the left in the first row. I may not be shaking President Obama’s hand tomorrow, but at least I get to be front row.


Students at rehearsal listen to instructions

For some interesting numbers get this

ASU has a general student population of: 60,000 students

Average amount of graduates who attend a spring commencement: 3,000 graduates

2009 amount of graduates who have RSVP’d for commencement: 11,000 graduates

Sun Devil Stadium holds: 75,000 people

We arrive tomorrow at 3:30pm and Obama is scheduled to speak nearly 5 hours later at 8:00pm

The big stage!

And my dad all tuckered out

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