This past weekend I went to Casa de Elizabeth along with my sister Laura to say hi to some of the children. I visited them for three days before leaving for Sudan in December of 2009 and after only a year the kids seem to have grown so much. Some of them I've been seeing [...]

Happy Fourth of July

So fellow News21 reporter Evan Wyloge and I headed out to interview some new U.S. citizens and swing by the truly American tradition of protest in the form of a tea party at the Arizona State Capitol. Here are some audio and photographs from today: It's those little things that really tell you about people. [...]

Virgen de Guadalupe project

Pilgrims from Chalma, a town near Mexico City, march back with their Virgin de Guadalupe to place her back in their town's church. So a while back I started a project on the Virgen de Guadalupe . . . she is an apparition of the Virgin Mary that appeared on Tepeyac Hill in Mexico City [...]


First visit, or at least real time spent in Tijuana rather than commuting to and from the airport. I don't know what to make of the city. We went from a starbucks in the Rio zona to the "wall" that comprises the U.S.-Mexico border along the beach and ended up at a boxing match framed [...]

Shooting today, shooting tomorrow

Went out shooting with photographer Brian Frank today, he is based in Mexico City and a pretty amazing photographer. I shot some, but his stuff, which will be featured in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday I believe is just awesome. Frank shooting below: Some of the pics I shot today, we went from La [...]

Picnic in the park

In the hopes of feeling like we're not all just spending out time at home (because all movie theatres, museums, large parks, public places, bars, restaurants, schools, and pretty much any other place people might gather being closed) we had a picnic in Condesa's Parque Mexico . . . nice day for sure. And just [...]