Catching up . . .

I'm so ashamed . . . it's been several weeks since my last post. At least I can be honest and say it hasn't been for lack of work, I've been extremely busy wrapping up my internship, driving home, getting ready to go to Sudan to teach english. I had an amazing time at the [...]

Virgen de Guadalupe project

Pilgrims from Chalma, a town near Mexico City, march back with their Virgin de Guadalupe to place her back in their town's church. So a while back I started a project on the Virgen de Guadalupe . . . she is an apparition of the Virgin Mary that appeared on Tepeyac Hill in Mexico City [...]

Castigado! You’re punished!

So are you ready to learn about the most awfully painful card game? A few days ago when fellow writers Camilo Smith and Alexis Okeowo and I headed to the Basilica de la Virgen de Guadalupe we found it deserted. No tourists and nearly no worshippers except for a handful nuns and a couple renewing [...]