My saturday was intense. I’ve been working a lot of long days (mostly because I’m just awfully slow at editing video sometimes) and I spent my morning at swim meet preliminaries where my photos turned out awful. I mean just terrible. I had to leave at 1pm to shoot cardboard boat races in Hollywood, Fla. Very, very cute. I wish wish wish I could post the video because I had two little kids at the beginning that were so sweet but it hasn’t been posted yet. Finally because my swimming take in the morning was so poor I went back for the finals which turned out to be so, so, so much better! The light was nicer, I didn’t feel quite so clueless as what to shoot. These were my favorites from swimming and here is the link to the photo gallery for the paper.










Here are a few from cardboard boat races . . . although having to shoot video at the same time I feel that the photos were really not that good:



A while back I shot video of the Nova Dental Clinic, it’s huge and comprised of hundreds of students. I had fun with it and I’m so happy to see it online, I was almost sure it might not make it since I shot it two weeks prior. So here is the Nova Dental Clinic video and here are a couple of my favorite pics from that:


Dental students have to keep teeth to practice on, this was one kid’s jar . . . pretty cool.



This guy above is who I interviewed, absolute sweetheart and was pointing out the tooth that was being worked on.


I’m a big fan of subway and I love that the dude that made my sandwich wanted to stress how crazy Florida was. He told me about a lady who put a knife in her sandwich and said I want my sandwich free, you’ve left your sandwich knife in my sandwich. Another lady that when he was mopping, ran over to the shop and stopped running, as he put out a safety sign (apparently suing is big out here). That brings me to one assignment, it was to photograph the founder of and here is the story (minus the photo I shot . . . I don’t know why) so here is the pic:



This is probably a four foot iguana kept at the school outside one of the classrooms. The grow out here to be huge because they have no natural predators after the age of one and are considered a menace. They dig holes for their burrows, eat other animals and occasionally bite people. I challenge you to find a state where you are less likely to be bit by a reptile than Florida.


La Basilica de la Virgen

basilica05_lresStatue vendors use to photograph pilgrims and visitors with, one of many tucked away since there is no one to seel the photos to.

Today writers Alexis Okeowo and Camilo Smith and I headed out to the Basilica de la Virgen de Guadalupe in the North of the City (Red line Villa-Basilica exit). Because of the H1N1 virus or swine flu the basilica, a place of worship for thousands daily, is holding small masses outdoors and tomorrow will shut its doors completely and only televise one service at 9am.

The virus really has made this city of 20 million plus seem small and slow as a little town.

basilica03_lresMore stored statues . . . absolutely no one to sell to.

We took a stroll around after the service through the deserted courtyards, after hearing the prayer to help end the pandemic, also listed in this prior post.

basilica08bw_lresNuns stand in the back of the basilica

basilica13bw_lresThe faithful look up to the mantilla of Juan Diego.

Nuns stroll through the basilica.


Church service Saturday afternoon:






And the ride back home . . .





And one last one . . .

basilica09_lresLa Virgen de Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego at Tepeyac hill, where the basilica is built today.

Tomorrow . . . a post on Castigado or Punished . . . most likely one of the most entertaining and disturbing card games I’ve ever seen . . . check back!