Holi Celebration in Phoenix!



When I was a student at Arizona State University I attended my first Holi celebration but it is nothing compared to what I experience at South Mountain Park at an event hosted by the Indian Association of Phoenix. It was madness, but a slow madness and I’m lucky I only got caught by two people. If you want to know more about the festival I would recommend clicking the link above as wikipedia will do a better job than I will.

What I loved about the celebration was the pure joy of it, when I teach my photojournalism students about capturing moments we talk about how difficult that can be. People are so aware in everyday life it’s hard to capture honest moments of emotion. A festival like this is beautiful because it reminds people how much fun can be had in just a few hours of their Sunday afternoon. I saw grown men chasing each other with water guns and dousing each other with buckets of colored water. It is rare to see adults, myself included, reduced to the pure joy of childhood and it makes those ‘moments’ so much easier to capture. My only lament was that I couldn’t properly participate (I had a formal event I was shooting later in the day and the dyes do stick to your skin . . . ).

Rally for Law Enforcement in Scottsdale, Ariz.


Today there was a law enforcement support rally at the Scottsdale Police Department station at Indian School. I was out of the country and missed their first law enforcement support rally in Phoenix but I managed to make this one. They also had former ASU officer Stewart Ferrin who was involved in the arrest of an Arizona State University professor Ersula Ore’s arrest for obstruction of a public thoroughfare after she was stopped for jaywalking speak at the event which drew out a lot of protestors who have been following that incident. Since Ore’s arrest last year Officer Ferrin is in the process of being terminated. Locally one blog down and drought went online and looked as some officer opinions from policeone forum. It’s worth reading and a good blog to follow if you live in the Phoenix area, especially in Tempe.

I included most of the photographs below of the protest, which had around 70 people at most.

Before the rally I was working with other Returned Peace Corps Volunteers cleaning up a home through a volunteer program at the City of Phoenix.

Catching up . . .

I’m so ashamed . . . it’s been several weeks since my last post. At least I can be honest and say it hasn’t been for lack of work, I’ve been extremely busy wrapping up my internship, driving home, getting ready to go to Sudan to teach english. I had an amazing time at the Sun Sentinel in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and during a photo-teaching excursion to Mexico City with Project Luz.

The above photo are my students, from right to left: Adrian, Nidia, Mari, Yoharelly, Fernando, and Ana. We brainstormed over what to do for our short time together and settled on the glorieta where mariachis and norteno musicians wait to be hired. The kids had to learn audio, and some had never really even shot photos before but I was so impressed by their enthusiasm and natural eyes. I loved watching them interview the musicians, learn from their trails and errors, it was such a wonderful experience. Although I’ll be catching up on my posts soon, I just really wanted to share the amazing project my kids put together. I shot none of the photos and collected none of the audio, although I supervised and helped edit.

Here it is:

Here are some of the kids’ great photos, I included two from each:

Adrian’s photos:

Ana’s photos:

Fernando’s photos:

Mari’s photos:

Nidia’s photos:

Yoharelly’s photos:

I can’t believe how lucky I was to work with these amazing kids, I hope that more photographers can join the project next year!

Photos from Wednesday on Friday without color


Thank you Newsgate, for if it weren’t for you there would have been another photographer available for an hour and a half cruise on a doorless helicopter over Broward County. We had about six or so stories to shoot for so we went from a neighborhood in Parkland, Florida to the 595 to the cruise terminal, boat show, and downtown fort lauderdale. So cool, I can’t even stress!