Catching up . . .

I’m so ashamed . . . it’s been several weeks since my last post. At least I can be honest and say it hasn’t been for lack of work, I’ve been extremely busy wrapping up my internship, driving home, getting ready to go to Sudan to teach english. I had an amazing time at the Sun Sentinel in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and during a photo-teaching excursion to Mexico City with Project Luz.

The above photo are my students, from right to left: Adrian, Nidia, Mari, Yoharelly, Fernando, and Ana. We brainstormed over what to do for our short time together and settled on the glorieta where mariachis and norteno musicians wait to be hired. The kids had to learn audio, and some had never really even shot photos before but I was so impressed by their enthusiasm and natural eyes. I loved watching them interview the musicians, learn from their trails and errors, it was such a wonderful experience. Although I’ll be catching up on my posts soon, I just really wanted to share the amazing project my kids put together. I shot none of the photos and collected none of the audio, although I supervised and helped edit.

Here it is:

Here are some of the kids’ great photos, I included two from each:

Adrian’s photos:

Ana’s photos:

Fernando’s photos:

Mari’s photos:

Nidia’s photos:

Yoharelly’s photos:

I can’t believe how lucky I was to work with these amazing kids, I hope that more photographers can join the project next year!

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