La Virgen de Guadalupe Celebrations

I photographed three different celebrations for the Virgen of Guadalupe, but unfortunately one was on a camera card I formatted . . . really unfortunate as the photos were not stunning, but still showed the devotion in a procession up in Queen Creek. Below are images from dancers at PromiseAZ, a local group that helps community members reach their full potential. I showed up and Petra, the group’s main organizer invited me in. I loved photographing the dance, which I need more explanation for but it was wonderful to photograph.


The group below belongs to a really impressive dancer I’ve met, Joey Cazarez, and they were dancing for the Virgin of Guadalupe to any household that welcomed them. I’ve added most of the photographs so they can see how they turned out.




Image of the Virgin of Guadalupe with prayer card, this project is nearly wrapped up.


One from the past


Could you get any cuter than this . . . ? I don’t think so, it’s the daughter of a young pilgrim from the South of Mexico at the Basilica de la Virgen de Guadalupe, so adorable.