Our Walmart Protest

I spent the afternoon covering the Our Walmart protest today organized into two parts. The first found the protesters and Walmart employees, from different states, organizing a protest for a higher living wage and consistent hours at the Walmart at 3712 E. Thomas Road in Phoenix, Ariz. Some went inside to give "thank you" notes [...]

Playing in the Rain

Yesterday all of Phoenix, Ariz. was hit by record rain, more than the previous 1933 record. The state needs all the rain it can get, and it's refreshing to see the valley come to life following the massive water deluge. The city received more than 3 inches of rain, which is more characteristic of the [...]

Fight for $15 Protest

I shot some images of the Fight for $15 protest in Phoenix, Ariz. earlier this week. the movement focuses on securing $15 per hour for fast food employees across the nation, making it a living wage for employees. Four members of the group were arrested for protesting on 24th Street and as you can see [...]


I had a chance this weekend to photograph the Play Nintendo Tour at Arrowhead Towne Center this weekend. Several games, most of which I never played, were out for kids and adults to try out. I think I've spent less than a day playing video games in my lifetime so it was a fun experience [...]

ASTRA toy convention

I recently shot at the ASTRA toy convention where attendees were able to go and put together toy kits from various different companies. So much fun for an adult to put together kits! Some of these were great exercises in creativity while learning how to follow directions.

Comicon is the Best Thing

It's a bit late, but I wanted to post some photographs from this years Phoenix Comicon in Downtown Phoenix. I found that Wiki had an interesting history and background on the San Diego Comicon which first convened in 1970. I have to say this was my first visit, but I loved it. The creativity and [...]