Fight for $15 Protests on ASU campus

Attended the Fight for $15 protests which took a different approach this year, compared to the last. The groups focused on highlighting lack of adjunct pay as well as continuing to advocate for a higher minimum wage. I was curious what bystanders thought, so I used yikyak to read some posts: "what are these people [...]

Senators and American Longspurs at Crescent Ballroom

Saturday night I had a great chance to see some local music live at the Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix. Usually when someone brings up Arizona and senators I brace myself for the worst intentions or just odd uses of time, so imagine what a truly wonderful surprise it was to hear the Senators play. They are an amazing local group and they [...]

Santa Rita Center, si se puede y Cesar Chavez

  Today several organizers that worked with Cesar Chavez at the Santa Rita Center in downtown Phoenix spoke to children from Herrera Elementary School. They touched upon their memories with Chavez and the origin of the phrase "Si Se Puede" which has become a focal point of modern day Latino organizing. Chavez always supported Aztec [...]