So yesterday I spent a little less than an hour with my friends Mitchel and Mary and these two were my favorite of the shoot . . . They're getting married in November and we decided to shoot some engagement photos at hole in the rock near the Phoenix Zoo. And my mom has decided [...]

Another starting day

Just one that I like from a wedding I shot this weekend. We started News21 today as well, I feel a little overwhelmed with information and what I need to do, but excited as well. I'm trying to focus on the cultural side of la virgen de guadalupe . . . along with another thread [...]

Wedded Bliss

Rowan and Kate got married yesterday . . . ten years together and they will make a wonderful husband and wife. I had Morgan come with to shoot too, that was wonderful help! You can see Morgan's wedding portfolio here and check out his own blog right here. I'm hoping to have the editing all [...]