This past weekend I went to Casa de Elizabeth along with my sister Laura to say hi to some of the children. I visited them for three days before leaving for Sudan in December of 2009 and after only a year the kids seem to have grown so much. Some of them I've been seeing [...]

Swine Flu deaths climbs to 103

Deaths in Mexico due to swine flu have risen to 103, tomorrow I'm heading out to some neighborhoods outside of Roma and El Centro . . . I'll keep you updated as we go. From the article above: "Yes, it's quite possible for this virus to evolve," Keiji Fukuda, acting WHO assistant director-general for health, [...]

Toy Selectah

So at SXSW Mexico City writer Camilo Smith interviewed Toy Selectah just inside the stairwell of a building off 6th Street. Toy Selectah along with Pato Machete, who I shot for another post, and Fermin IV who formed the group Control Machete. The group, out of Monterrey is considered one of Mexico's most influential hip [...]

Arriving . . . finally in Austin

After about a fifteen hour trip through Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas we finally arrived at downtown Austin for SXSW As we got settled and started walking around it became clear this is pretty much the coolest music experience I may ever have. Tonight if all goes well we're checking out Nina Dioz and possible [...]

TJ tomorrow!

So tomorrow I am meeting with a photographer to do a sort of ridealong . . . I'm excited and nervous . . . as you can see many cars are leaving TJ while few are driving into Mexico.

Guns for cash

El Ejercito, or the Army in Mexico, is doing a trade in program. In Mexico where guns can only be owned with military permission they are allowing people to line up and trade everything from hunting rifles to Saturday night specials to assault rifles for cash and in some cases computers.