Stop the Killing Protest in Phoenix, Ariz.


The Stop the Killing protest was one of many today across the country. The protest focused on the deaths of Eric Garner, Mike Brown but mainly those deaths in Phoenix of Rumain Brisbon, Michelle Cusseaux and Salvador Reza.

The protestors also focused on the lack of indictment of officers, as many already know in the case of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. The protestors began at Cesar Chavez Plaza passed the Phoenix Police Headquarters, turned back up Jefferson and held a die-in at Maricopa County Superior Court, passed through the CVS at Cityscape and stopped for a second die-in at Washington and Central. The die-in’s lasted 4 minutes and 28 seconds to symbolize the time, 4 hours and 28 minutes, that the body of Michael Brown laid in the street after his death.

20141220protest618The protest continued down Central blocking the lightrail line until protestors reached McDowell Road and Central before being stopped by a line of police on the West end of McDowell. At the intersection a prayer was held, along with the “hands up, dont shoot” that has been heard throughout all these incidents.


Rumain Brisbon Protest

I recently covered the protest in Phoenix against the death of Rumain Brisbon, a Phoenix resident who was shot by a Phoenix police officer. The officer believed Brisbon was reaching for a gun and fired several shots at close range, upon later inspection they found a bottle of pills but no weapon. This case has garnered a fair amount of attention and organizing by community members who believe there is a different standard according to the race of the suspect. It was interesting to cover shooting photographs and video. Brisbon’s young daughter pictured below, led the protest to the Phoenix police department.


Walmart Black Friday Protest in Phoenix, Ariz.

Photographed a protest on Black Friday against Walmart by striking employees and different valley groups. Here are a few of the photographs of different protestors that demonstrated outside the Walmart on Thomas and 32nd Street in Phoenix, Arizona.

Fight for $15 Protest

I shot some images of the Fight for $15 protest in Phoenix, Ariz. earlier this week. the movement focuses on securing $15 per hour for fast food employees across the nation, making it a living wage for employees. Four members of the group were arrested for protesting on 24th Street and as you can see in some photos, there were nearly equal numbers of officers to protesters which did create a feeling of over enforcement in what was a largely peaceful protest. It’s interesting to hear all the differing views as people in the neighborhood walked up to order their lunch from the McDonalds restaurant. Most everyone agreed $15 was a good living wage, though many were doubtful that the movement could achieve their goal.

Late Puente Protest in Phoenix


Realize this post is a bit overdue, but on Wednesday April 2rd I had my students meet at the Puente organized protest in front of ICE so they could have a chance to shoot the marchers as they started their 70 plus mile journey to Eloy, Ariz. The photo above is of three of my students photographing from a light post and palo verde to get a slightly higher vantage point of the press conference that preceded the march. You can see their photographs at the class flicker page here.






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Randomly after a protest against deportation I met a group of refugees undergoing a training on how to use the valley metro system. So at one point all the Puente protesters were occupying the street corner, some who aren’t legal residents in the U.S. while at the same corner the newest immigrants, legally and through much hardship explored downtown Phoenix.