Tripping to Tlapan

A doctor puts on her gloves outside the INER Thursday afternoon.

So yesterday I headed out with reporter Camilo Smith to Tlapan in the South of Mexico City to the INER or Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias (Nacional Instutite for Respiratory Diseases). Our mission was to find a family, doctors and nurses who were dealing with the H1N1 or swine flu virus. We talked to an EMT, some doctors and then happened upon a father who was being discharged after spending three days in the INER. Then we asked if we could follow him home as he saw his children for the first time since being admitted.

No visitors are allowed in the area were H1N1 patients are kept to prevent the spread of disease and the only communication is through doctors, so needless to say his family was thrilled to see him. I’d love to post the photos here of that moment but I have to wait till they go to print. I promise they’re good though . .

Yes that’s a New York Fire Department shirt being worn by the INER EMT.

The below photos were taken on the extremely long ride between Roma Norte and Tlapa yesterday:



Sporting the scarf instead of face mask in Tlapa Thursday afternoon.

Pharmacist in Roma Norte takes a break, every pharmacy in the neighborhood is sold out of face masks and only one has gloves left.