Man it has been a hectic few days . . . lack of sleep, fear of infection, and consumption of junk food that comes pre-wrapped is making me feel awful. At least people are liking the pics! The Phoenix New Times posted a slideshow of my swine flu photos from Mexico City, I put together a soundslides for another publication and the Arizona Republic ran a photo from today’s chiquitico earthquake, a 5.6 and nothing compared to the 1985 8.0 earthquake that ruined several areas of the city.


I’d do more but it’s 2 a.m. I’m exhausted and there is no end in sight.

Swineflu in the city today, earthquakes as well


Taller buildings in several parts of the city were evacuated today, employees return to the building above and some wore no masks at all, even in the metro, others ate street food or in taco shops were much of the food is served up by hand.






So there was a slight shaking of the building just now (mi primer earthquake) . . . man what is coming next?