RFK memorial award

I am proud to say that my in-depth journalism course that worked on the Divided Families project at Arizona State University has won the college print journalism RFK Memorial award!.

1-largeCourtney Sargent

I am posting two soundslides done on two different stories, the first is of Courtney Sargent’s A Generation Abandoned about seniors abandoned in DIF homes in Agua Prieta, Sonora and Douglas, Arizona border.

siblingsDeanna Dent

Ryan Kost and I worked on a story about three American children abandoned in Mexico who had spent nearly two years in a Mexican orphanage even though they had their American birth certificates on file, you can see that project, Los Ninos Mejia as well.

Also here are all the students I had the pleasure of working with:
Adrian Barrera
Leah Duran
Branden Eastwood
Kristi Eaton
Brian Indrelunas
Ryan Kost
Jordan LaPier
Angela Hong-Anh-Le
Ashley Lowery
Ryan Ruiz
Codie Sanchez
Courtney Sargent
Amanda Soares
Michael Struening
Teana Wagner
Aja Viafora

I’ve been going to the orphanage for a little over two years now, here are a couple of older posts . . . although I have many more that I didn’t properly tag in the past.

News21 Synergy conference




Right now I am sitting at the News21 Synergy conference preparing for the work to come this summer . . . Dan Gillmor pictured here is lecturing us on how we can use the web, links, participation to become better journalists. Conversation, or you know, talking to people but then he stressed listening . . . good point. Apparently journalists have trouble with that . . . I totally agree! At times I feel so exhausted at the barrage of online applications for journalists, constant tweeting, our ning site, emails, mashups, ahhh! Its good to start learning though . . .  🙂