The “Possible Pandemic” in el Centro de Mexico


I’m sure many of you have been seeing the ongoing coverage going on about the pandemic potential going on in Mexico. As well there are 8 confirmed cases reported by the CDC in San Diego County, Imperial County in California and in San Antonio, Texas.

The mood in Mexico City is quiet, sad in my opinion, how empty the streets are. Bars are being closed down, concerts canceled and all schools shut for the next ten days. We were on our way to a concert in Ixtapalapa only to find out at 11pm that the concert was rescheduled later in May. I have been wearing my mask, as did my friend Chilangabacha, when we made our way to El Centro in Mexico City. While the area was still bustling, many were donning masks handed out freely by the government. Some wore them intermittently and a few couples pecked each other with the masks on. We even stumbled on a quincanera party, all without masks, standing in the doorway of the cathedral.

Here are some of the photos, I have more and a soundslides that focuses on tourists which I will post later.

Some decorated their masks with mouths in el centro

Volunteers hand out warnings in el centro outside of a medical examination booth

A women is checked for syptoms of swine flu in el centro

The quincanera party for Judith choose to leave their masks off while others visiting the cathedral kept them on



Another fashionable style of mask



Tourists in el centro donned masks as well




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