Desatured Sudan

Life is good lately and the internet is slow . . . hence my lack of posting. I have some random photographs from El Obeid which is growing hotter by the day. Hopefully within the next month the rainy season will begin. Last night A huge dust storm blew through Kordofan which means the rains [...]


"How do you find Sudan?" is the question I get most often here. Yesterday in Ryan's 8am class at Al-Neelain University one of the questions was spot on, "What did you think or know about Sudan before arriving here, and what do you think about Sudan now?" I wish I could say I was well-versed [...]

Nails! Nails! Nails!

Imagine 15 years of nails this long. Shirley who I met today at a Senior Prom, where the most seniors of the groups were somewhere in their 80's and 90's, was one of the most interesting characters. I want to do a story on her nails, suffice to say I was enthralled as to every [...]