four weeks and less than ten gigs?

Havent posted in ages and unfortunately I have no photos to post with this entry. I just wanted to say that although I am sad to leave Brazil in a little less than a week I am equaly as excited to return to Arizona and start my semester. Internship or no internship I am going to start working. I am jealous of all the…

The orphanage

One of the newest arrivals to the orphanage, he only has a few days here. Dianita, one of the first girls I met. Went back to the orphanage for the first time in a month. I wanted to do headshots to update the kids pictures and I thought about it, I’ve been coming for about a year and half. It’s amazing to see some…

Border Patrol Ride Along

I’m hoping to put up more soon . . .

Fellow journalist

My favorite Mexico City journalist, Joysita

Lily and Claire

I was just thinking about all the different things these two fine journalists might be chatting about . . . .


Going to Mexico City for a few days next week, but very few . . . hopefully I can make them count!

You have two options . . .

Fail or fail which is what I’m going to be doing on my mass comm law test today . . .

Infrastructure! Exciting!

Okay maybe not really . . . but I guess it’s one way to spend my Monday morning, worrying about the future of the infrastructure of my lovely home state


Comedians at their best in the basement of a lonely MU stage