More layoffs

The Republic announced 37 layoffs in December. Hopefully something turns around, but I am so glad I am learning multimedia.


Today my cousin Consuelo is leaving for Colombia. I wish it was for a visit and she would be back, but it’s not. She took an offer of voluntary deportation after five years in the United States. A police officer pulled her over in Scottsdale and called INS after she ran a stop sign in a library parking lot. Consuelo wanted to study in…

Week six . . . ?

And this might be a familiar site to most. Sitting, resting, waiting for that phone call for that most important story. Hope everyone is talking to the people they need and capturing the images they want. James Kindle, CNS, last week

Bloggity Blogs . . .

I have a wordpress blog which is going to be work projects because I had to register for the Cronkite Borderlands Project so please keep up on both 🙂 and this one for personal links to my favorite photog friends.

Palabra del dia: Mamada!

Estoy mamada con tanto trabajo y relajo en las primeras semanas de mi ultimo semestre . . . ay pues a lo menos no se puedo decir que mi vida le falta actividades. Rave on Saturday night . . . like I said, craziness!

New GI Bill

I wrote a story about the New GI Bill and it got a lot of play!

Another one from the convention center

I’ve easily visited the center more than five times in the past two weeks. This one is from the green summit and I’ll add some from the lowrider show in a little bit.