The orphanage

One of the newest arrivals to the orphanage, he only has a few days here.

Dianita, one of the first girls I met.

Went back to the orphanage for the first time in a month. I wanted to do headshots to update the kids pictures and I thought about it, I’ve been coming for about a year and half. It’s amazing to see some of the kids that I have known since we started going like Diana, Rainny, Marlin and so many others. The sweetness of their nature is so beautiful . . . sometimes I can’t help but think of what life is like for those who went back home, or those that left to live on their own.

It makes me thankful for my life where the biggest problems I have are so simple to overcome.

Jesus I’ve seen for nearly a year, I remember the first time I met him he cried constantly and picked fights whenever he could

The girls playing with my scarf and the small orphaned puppy and kitten.

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