Where is the future of journalism then?


Amy Webb with the Webb Media Group spoke to us about different technologies that have strong possibilities in the near future. I can’t cover them all here but I’ll talk about the ones that interested me the most. For example these new iphones So these new phones, the iphone, blackberry, and the new and less expensive Palm Pre are all equipped with GPS tracking unit and internal compasses. So lets say you take a picture of . . . well anything . . . you can post it online with an exact time, GPS location, and date. Isn’t that amazing!

Bluetooth Advertisements
this is exciting, remember the movie Minority Report? When Tom Cruise walks past the Gap an ad comes up saying his name and information, well imagine you walk by the Gap and it sends messages to your phone about the sales, perhaps all blue shirts on discounts.


Reverse Image Search
Lets use an example, say you find a photograph of someone, something truly interesting but you can’t identify it, well that is where Tin Eyecomes in. The reverse search engine allows you to upload a picture (like the ones above) and find a match. It’s still new, but the technology is very interesting. Combine this with Picassa that ‘recognizes’ a face after you have tagged it several times and you have a very interesting and very CREEPY technology. Imagine Picassa being able to identify you, your face, through software. I’m a big fan of Orwell’s book 1984 but this face recognition is just a little worrisome.


And last but not least:

Hyperpersonal Conent
No matter where you arnalyzing your location (using that GPS system) and analyzing your consumer habits to provide a slew of advertisement, interests, events and news to you immediately.

There was much more that I wish I could share, I will add some interesting websites below, but overall I can’t help but feel that these improved mobile devices are creating yet another barrier between the individual and the rest of their community.

Other Sites:
*NAVTEQ provides the maps your GPS system uses
*BOXEEallows you to create your own tv/video content and allows for live tv streaming, very interesting
*So ever want to know where everyone is when you arrive at downtown Phoenix for a Friday night? Well citysense uses that GPS feature to tell you where everyone is, what is nearby, how to get there, etc.
*LOOPTsee citysense, allows you to also upload photos, students from News21 participated in uploading GPS located photos from First Fridays event
*.TIN EYE reverse image search. Insert your image and it will ‘identify’ what you are looking at. This is being used in Picassa to identify faces in albums. Yeah only a little bit creepy right?

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