Today my cousin Consuelo is leaving for Colombia. I wish it was for a visit and she would be back, but it’s not. She took an offer of voluntary deportation after five years in the United States. A police officer pulled her over in Scottsdale and called INS after she ran a stop sign in a library parking lot.

Consuelo wanted to study in the United States, she used to have a multiple entry tourist visa, and it wasn’t a problem until she applied for her student visa.

Immigration policy in the US is broken, there needs to be some kind of reform, I mean at this point any kind of reform would help.

I don’t think my instructor will let me go to the airport, I haven’t heard from him . . . I want to be there and more than anything I want to take pictures. It hurts for all of our family to see her leave, but if other people could see that maybe they would think about immigration on a human level. Even if it makes one person think differently.

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