Few hours just south of the border

Went to go visit Consuelo Maldonado, a source for the orphanage story, and to bring her photographs. I met fellow photographer Daniel Woolfolk and went around for a ride through the east side Nogales neighborhoods 🙂 fun times . . . I edited some of the photoraphs to remove the sensor spots!


  1. whoa, how cool, I wonder if my mom will take me to sushi now that I came out on the internets!!

    This is so weird, I’ve never been out with another photographer, and I remember you taking EVERY SINGLE SHOT, even the window one.

    The last one is my Fav; you gotta teach me BW conversion.

    Watch the sensor dust though. It’s rough on the third one and if you open that one and the last one in tabs and toggle between them, you’ll see some of the bigger spots. on her left middle-finger at the base and between her left pinkie and the strap.
    That’s one thing I Can’t stand about digital.

    I had a blast, thanks for calling me up!

  2. Beautiful Deanna. I love these. Is there another border project next semester? If so, are you participating? If I don’t get an internship I’d love to do it! I remember you said something about another project a while ago but I couldn’t find anything about it on the cronkite school website…

  3. There is another one, Bettina and I are working on it. You should email Rick Rodriguez as he will be in charge of it 🙂

  4. sensor cleaning party time, I’ll bring swabs and wine… I really like the little boy silhouette, the girls smiling and walking, and the little kid with the hand over his face… beautiful!

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