News 21 goes to Nogie

So the class went to visit Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora and for many it was their first experience on the other side of the line . . . And have to say we received the full experience after spending two hours trying to cross the border on our way home.

Dia de los muertos

These are some of the ones from Dia de los Muertos, the others are pretty straightforward, I like these the best.

On the Border again

Finally! It has been ages since I have been able to go to the border and now it looks like I’ll be around there for the next few weeks! These are random shots, but I’ll have some up soon of Dia de los Muertos

One the east side of Nogales

So when we were walking to drop off photos this little boy was playing on the framework of an old house, I wish I had been fast enough to switch off the wide lens to my tighter one, but I still like the photograph, even if it is wide.

Few hours just south of the border

Went to go visit Consuelo Maldonado, a source for the orphanage story, and to bring her photographs. I met fellow photographer Daniel Woolfolk and went around for a ride through the east side Nogales neighborhoods 🙂 fun times . . . I edited some of the photoraphs to remove the sensor spots!