Thursday and A MONSTER TRUCK!


So Cash for Clunkers has been a big program and the subject of a lot of talk in the past couple of weeks.

The Sentinel has done a lot of coverage, including this story on how charities are taking a hit because of the program and of course how Sawgrass Ford decided to “crush” its’ clunkers using The INSTIGATOR monster truck.

As you know the dealers are responsible for destroying the engine of the vehicles so they cannot be resold after the dealerships are reimbursed for the vehicles. Choices are pouring a specific liquid, putting a hole in the engine, and crushing it!


Again here are the outtakes, with my photo slideshow of the event above . . . but these are more fun!




This guy was collecting trophies from the deflated vehicles . . .



Also is it bad to admit that aside from hearing commercials from MonsterJam throughout my childhood this is my first, real life Monster truck? I mean I know all the big ones like Grave Digger and Avenger but the Instigator, driven by Lionel Easley, is the first one I’ve ever seen in person.

Here is a clip from the 2008 Finals held in Las Vegas to show you what you’re missing.