Kuomboka Ceremony 2013

Kuomboka ceremony is most likely the best known traditional ceremony in Zambia. Kuomboka, meaning in Lozi language 'to get out of water,' happens whenever the Litunga, king of the Lozi people, shifts from his compound at Lealui on the Barotse flood plain for higher ground at Limulunga. We had a chance to see the first [...]

Kasanka Bat Migration

Recently traveled to Kasanka Trust in Central province, Zambia. It is the site of the largest mammal congregation in the world with a culmination of nearly 10 million bats that feed on the local fruits that have grown ripe, like mfungu and mabula. We traveled with nearly twenty volunteers to visit the park and see [...]

Measles Vaccination in Samuteba

Two weeks ago our clinic officer and a mixture of World Vision workers came and collected as much of our school as they could manage (in the end about 341) for mandatory measles vaccination. The government of Zambia has been focusing on getting children in districts neighboring Angola and DRC to prevent its' spread from [...]


I just finished a long stretch in the village, maybe three months, just within my district and neighboring Ikelenge. No trips to Solwezi or Lusaka or to other provinces and by chance no internet (since it is out in our BOMA). Instead I spent a lot of time riding my bike around and visiting other [...]

El Jardin

We're beginning hot season, a joke compared with Arizona and Sudan, and I'm still sleeping with a wool blanket at night. I've still been working with my garden and every day it is looking better and better but the health of the garden is in relation to the amount of water I've been having to [...]

Life in Samuteba

I just returned to Solwezi, our provincial capital, after a two and a half week conference in Lusaka. While it was refreshing to see all the familiar faces from training, it also felt like a sensory overload to be in Lusaka. I went to have Indian, Thai, Ethiopian food and paid more for one meal [...]