We finally completed our 2012 GLOW camp for Northwestern Province! It was a wonderful success and while it was hectic I loved every minute. I was mainly in charge of organizing logistics for our camp location in Mwinilunga, Mwinilunga District, Northwestern Province.


While our location was wonderful, a newly remodeled trades institute, it did have a few problems. We were the first group to use the new dormitories so when we came in on Friday to prepare (with girls, teachers and facilitators arriving on Sunday afternoon) we realized there was no running water. After manually pulling the pump out of the ground, replacing it and getting a new fuse by Sunday at 1pm we had running water! The staff was amazing pulling together and fixing our water or we would have had volunteers carrying more than 400 liters of water each day from the tap 250 meters away!

I want to add more photographs with each subject that we covered but I will be using the new site I put together:

I recommend you share it with your friends and families and help us put together more amazing camps like this in Zambia. In our rural communities girls are leaving school due to early pregnancies and marriages and they need more opportunities to learn how to get beyond these obstacles!

Our girls learned how to make friendship bracelets as part of Income Generating Activity ideas during camp. The materials were donated by families in United States.

We had our girls practice team building and problem solving with lowropes courses. The course pictured here is the spiderweb where the entire team has to pass through the web without touching ropes and repeating the same point of passage. The girls had a blast figuring it out!

We taught our girls how to make chitenge pads, which are sanitary pads that can be re-used. Many girls miss days of school during their monthly period because they have no kind of sanitary pad to use.

Girls celebrate as their team wins a blindfolded relay race. We tried to incorporate sports and crafts with sessions about HIV/AIDS, family planning and gender roles.

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