Afro-Colombian-Indian-American music?

So a friend of mine, on facebook atleast, Azul Enzue posted some videos today of Toto La Momposina an amazing Colombiana singer. Her work is a mixture of the sounds of the indigenous porro, puya and gaita with the Afro-Latin cumbia, mapale and sexteto ( She is a perfect example of the blending of indigenous, African and Spanish music and instruments.

The indigenous flutes, Spanish guitar and African drums create the music that is her specialty. Below her song Curura is amazing:

Obviously I wasn’t the only one impressed by the flutes, because Timbaland used the flute for his song Indian Flute. The song features Indian singer and actress Rajeshwari’s amazing vocals, which you can hear here:

So Timbaland used a Latin singer’s flute from the first video with the voice of Indian singer Rajeshwari to create Indian Flute, below.

It’s an amazing example of global culture and music, but I think it’s a shame that it is called Indian flute when the flute is clearly Latin and not Indian at all. It is a shame that the best part of the song gets no credit, in my opinion.

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