My wisdom is worth $1,300

So this photograph is pretty gross . . . but this whole procedure fascinates me. They took out 4 wisdom teeth in 15 minutes for 1,300 dollars. Thank goodness I’m covered by insurance and I have a good friend to drive my anesthized self back home.

And well, we have this weird family tradition (and I know it is really, really weird) of keeping our teeth. That started with my grandmother who kept all our baby teeth in a box . . . I know this sounds very odd, but couldn’t help myself so I kept and added them to the box my grandmother kept. Actually my grandmother also kept my cousin’s first baby tooth on a necklace . . . told us it belonged to a little kid who didn’t behave themselves . . . the women in my family know the power of subtle intimidation.

But also when you think about it, each wisdom tooth was worth $325 a piece too right?


Also on an interesting side note Japanese scientists say they have created stem cells from the wisdom teeth of a 10-year-old girl . . . read the article HERE

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