Como pasa el tiempo

The last time Nena was in Arizona was in 1986 to visit my mother. Two weeks ago my mom gets a call and Nena is planning a flight to Arizona to come see her.

I hope that in twenty years the friends I have made now will still be as easy to catch up with as Nena and my mother are. I hope that I am happy in life, both Nena and my mother followed different paths, but they both exude this love for life and happiness that is contagious.

I think many times we find ourselves worrying, hoping that the deciscions we make now will be wise investments for our future, that we forget to enjoy our life as it is right now. Listening to Nena and my mom all they can do is joke about the past, joke about how upset they used to get, how annoyed they used to be at people.

How things that seemed to demand their attention twenty years ago are nothing now . . .

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