Bocafloja in the Borderlands

I attended the Bocafloja concert in Phoenix, Ariz. last Thursday. The Mexico City artist narrates the experience of the body of the oppressed as a vehicle of transgression to hegemonic structures in his most recent album Patologías del Invisible Incómodo, released in 2012. Thank you wikipedia for condensing something so complex into one sentence. The [...]

Chandler Fashion Center for a day

I spent Saturday shooting an event for Haute photography at the Chandler Fashion Center in Chandler, Ariz. There is something really fun about the eagerness of all these kids who patiently sat in line for hours to see Stefanie Scott from the t.v. show Ant Farm. I think malls are such an original American experience [...]


I had a chance this weekend to photograph the Play Nintendo Tour at Arrowhead Towne Center this weekend. Several games, most of which I never played, were out for kids and adults to try out. I think I've spent less than a day playing video games in my lifetime so it was a fun experience [...]

ASTRA toy convention

I recently shot at the ASTRA toy convention where attendees were able to go and put together toy kits from various different companies. So much fun for an adult to put together kits! Some of these were great exercises in creativity while learning how to follow directions.

Comicon is the Best Thing

It's a bit late, but I wanted to post some photographs from this years Phoenix Comicon in Downtown Phoenix. I found that Wiki had an interesting history and background on the San Diego Comicon which first convened in 1970. I have to say this was my first visit, but I loved it. The creativity and [...]

Arizona Literature

I am considering myself lucky this week. Yesterday I attended a talk/reading held by Alberto Rios, Arizona's first poet laureate, at the Phoenix Public Library. Rios joins the "Peacemaker," palo verde and the bolo-tie as things so purely Arizonan they are actually recognized as unique representations of the Arizona experience. Some examples of Rio's work can be [...]

Senators and American Longspurs at Crescent Ballroom

Saturday night I had a great chance to see some local music live at the Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix. Usually when someone brings up Arizona and senators I brace myself for the worst intentions or just odd uses of time, so imagine what a truly wonderful surprise it was to hear the Senators play. They are an amazing local group and they [...]

Santa Rita Center, si se puede y Cesar Chavez

  Today several organizers that worked with Cesar Chavez at the Santa Rita Center in downtown Phoenix spoke to children from Herrera Elementary School. They touched upon their memories with Chavez and the origin of the phrase "Si Se Puede" which has become a focal point of modern day Latino organizing. Chavez always supported Aztec [...]