This guy designed our school!

I like these both, probably the blown out one better as it has the new cronkite school in the background


Bilal’s mom rented a soft box and wonderfully let me play with it for a few hours. Melissa and Bilal and a Uruguayan (who will make a future appearance in photos) danced tango but these are the first ones I have up. These are the ones I like, plus I thought it would be fun to put up some portraits. There were several different…

Hitchhiking photo shoot for fashion class

So I would add more, but unfortunately these are the only ones I actually shot, the others were shot by Sam, Erik, and Jillian, but anyway at least I got to shoot a little 🙂

Senior portrait of Bettina

So here is a portrait I shot of Bettina, I like the way it turned out with the oleanders 🙂

State Press is over!

So The State Press is done! Here is the pic of all the editors 🙂