Arriving . . . finally in Austin

After about a fifteen hour trip through Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas we finally arrived at downtown Austin for SXSW As we got settled and started walking around it became clear this is pretty much the coolest music experience I may ever have. Tonight if all goes well we’re checking out Nina Dioz and possible some Islamic heavy metal. Either way I’m sure our…

Nina Dioz Story

So this Nina Dioz story will be going to the LA TIMES! How exciting, but even better was working with Camilo. He finds these kind of great stories y es buennissima gente

Si Senor . . .

So while in Monterrey we talked to this chavo . . . anyone remember? If you don’t listen to musica en Espanol you might not know but he was part of Control Machete. Si Senor was the video that was really popular in the United States . . . played with a Pepsi commercial or something like that. While the two have split, Pato…

Los chavos desde Texas pa Monterrey

Stumbled upon estos chavos in Monterrey while photographing the female rapper Nina Dioz . . . hope to see them again