Swine Flu deaths climbs to 103

Deaths in Mexico due to swine flu have risen to 103, tomorrow I’m heading out to some neighborhoods outside of Roma and El Centro . . . I’ll keep you updated as we go. From the article above: “Yes, it’s quite possible for this virus to evolve,” Keiji Fukuda, acting WHO assistant director-general for health, security and the environment, told journalists in Geneva. ….

A good way to go out

So my last weekend in DF was well spent, we ended the evening at this reggae concert. The singer was amazing, living in London, how small is our world?

Guns for cash

El Ejercito, or the Army in Mexico, is doing a trade in program. In Mexico where guns can only be owned with military permission they are allowing people to line up and trade everything from hunting rifles to Saturday night specials to assault rifles for cash and in some cases computers.

End of Week one in DF

Due to less than optimal internet access I haven’t posted until today . . . walking to the AP office in the city and they were having a little march on Reforma, shot at a hiphop club last night and debauchary (sp?) from the city in the last week.

DF – Day One

First day in DF! Here is a picture from Brazil (because I haven’t shot anything since I’ve been lugging pounds of gear. The lily pad is neat it grows feet wide and has spikes on the bottom so fish don’t eat it. Very beautiful flower as well, rather torn on some sides, but beautiful nonetheless.