Day Eight 5:15

So I missed day seven, BUT I was locked out of the house with no access to my camera! Here is today's 5:15 in response to my first day as photo editor for The State Press. Its depressing yet exciting at the same time as I hold the list of mugshot names for the newbies.

Day Five

So the first photo is of a fibers class project made about two years ago where I made a 'family tree' of birds to represent the family of my then boyfriend (cheesy I know). Anyway I was so proud of it at the time and since then it has hung outside my shed and now [...]

Day Four 5:15

So I couldn't help myself and I put up all the ones I liked, but the real 5:15 is the one of Ashley and her camera, cause since the beginning we said we would end up in each others pictures :)btw I am starting to realize I need a job, I spend too much time [...]