Fight for $15 Protests on ASU campus

20150415arizonaprotest43Attended the Fight for $15 protests which took a different approach this year, compared to the last. The groups focused on highlighting lack of adjunct pay as well as continuing to advocate for a higher minimum wage. I was curious what bystanders thought, so I used yikyak to read some posts:

“what are these people even protesting like stop yelling gibberish” (that would be the Spanish that was used)

“Fast food part time jobs are not meant for people to make a living from . . . $15 an hour is highly unlikely”

Replies to the above: “Those jobs aren’t mean to be careers” . . . “Just the fact that they’re demanding to make more per year than a soldier defending his country makes is enough to show how ridiculous they’re being” . . . “Fast food workers should not be making more than teachers and soldiers. If you want to make more money either work more hours or get an education” . . . “There all just a bunch of bums with a false sense of entitlement who are to lazy to get a real job”

“$15 an hour? Good luck with that . . .”

Replies to the above: “that’s ridiculous, they don’t deserve 15 and hour” . . .

“Fuck the angry mob on Rural. Someone should fuck them up.”


It’s always interesting to read people’s reaction to protests and yikyak is a great way to hear people’s unpolished opinions on the subject. It was an interesting protest, attended by adjuncts, students and various activist groups that marched throughout the city starting at Walmart and McDonalds in the early morning, downtown ASU campus to protest conditions at the construction site of the new Arizona Center for Law and Society and finishing at Hayden Lawn in a protest meant to highlight poor wages for adjunct faculty.

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