It’s a brand new blog!

Alright due to my complete lack of knowledge of all things HTML, XTML and a multitude of other languages I decided to start this wordpress blog. I’ve imported all my former posts and although originally I disliked wordpress, I find myself quite enjoying it now. So along with that new news I’m developing my website and as I found myself going through a very rough edit I found four photographs of Melissa, a friend and competition salsa dancer from last year. I’m posting all four photos and trying to toss two to three out of the final edit. Hopefully now that I again have COMMENTS please share your opinion on which to keep.  Thanks!melissa_lres1





  1. I like the first one best because it shows what she does- dance! The second one is fabulous but she could be anyone in the photo. Also the color and composition in the first one are amazing. My blog is above, I’ll add you and you should add me!

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