Welcome home . . .

At times I am so aware of my surroundings, noticing small details or actions within my field of vision. At other times I am caught completely unaware. This afternoon was one of those unaware moments. Bettina let me know that there was a huge brush fire, so large it blotted out the sun and at times appeared to be blood red and I didn’t notice until my drive back at 6:30p this evening. I feel like it was my welcome home, back to the valley of the sun and its bone dry heat. I miss Asia, but the only other place I’d rather be is home.


  1. Deanna, Welcome home!

    Congratulation winning the Scripps Howard Top Ten Journalist of the Year Award. You said, you were lucky. I know you’re being humble which is a terrific quality but you have worked very hard during your college years and luck doesn’t come without effort and preparation. You Rock! You have to show me your images from Korea. Call me when you have time.

  2. I second everything Brad said, and I am so glad you’re home.

    The lens you were asking about on my post was my 85 mm 1.8- it’s nice shooting with primes when I can. It’s the only lens I own (bought) for myself đŸ™‚

    Hope to see you tonight!

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